Repeat Prescriptions Are The Way Forward

Purchasing from stores physically is becoming a task of the past; rapidly. The immense stride taken by the online medium has become the need of the hour for almost every individual. Same is the case with pharmacies and clinics who are witnessing a heavy pouring of orders daily through the internet. The affordability, convenience and the quick and efficient services has made this medium loved by people. The consumers are compelled to opt for them due to their huge impact on shopping. The medications too are ordered online for saving time required for visiting the clinics and pharmacies. All this has eased the task of ordering repeat prescriptions too.

Just consider a case wherein an individual has been suffering from diabetes for many years. Such a person needs to visit the clinics almost every month for checking the status of their health. They may need tablets and insulin for maintaining the level of sugar in their body. If such a person is admitted into hospital, the doctors and nursing staff will take care of the medication needed. However having diabetes can be long term; hence, the patient is not in a position to stay at the hospital for such periods. When the patient gets the diabetes under control, visits to the doctor are within time frames. This is when the person will require repeat prescriptions. Hence, the person will obviously benefit by registering with an online pharmacy for this concern. Such services will then act as life savers for such patients.

As is the case with diabetes, there are other diseases too which need regular medications for certain periods. The issue to consider here is that the physicians usually prescribe medications for just about a month. This becomes a problem for the patients as they need to visit the doctor again and again for obtaining the prescriptions needed. Considering the aspect of appropriateness and convenience, the online pharmacies are the best options for patients who are unwell, and that too at affordable costs. Such services offer a safe and secure medium to avail of the medications needed on a timely basis.

However, the aspect to be kept in mind is that the patients need to be medically stable for obtaining the service of repeat prescriptions. The pharmacy will then make appointments according to the availability. They will also guide you in the process of medications and treatments. Moreover, it is highly advocated that you meet your doctor after a certain time span to check the progress of the treatment. A fresh look into the health aspect is always better for checking the improvement in your health and also to check if there are any kind of side effects on account of the prescribed drug.

What is Basal Cell Carcinoma

"There is a spot on my skin that's unlike all my other spots; I went to a dermatologist who referred me to an oncologist saying I had basal cell carcinoma. Why didn't he just tell me I had skin cancer? We're not doctors; we don't understand their special language. Had it not been written down for me I would not have even known what to look up on my son's computer, and I did not even understand that I was being sent to a cancer specialist, all I got was the referral. There ought to be a law!"

Unfortunately that kind of thing happens every day, mostly because the patient does not ask questions, but merely nods silently as the doctor speaks. Older people do this more than younger people, and busy doctors don't always catch on that the patient knows nothing about what they're being told.

Basal cell carcinoma is a form of skin cancer, but thankfully it is a very slow growing cancer as opposed to most cancers. Its occurrence is very common and most of the time it will be located somewhere on your skin that has been often exposed to the sunlight, but it may also include areas that have been exposed to ultraviolet radiation. That does not just mean sunlight though, for instance arc welders are exposed to it in their work, and many other industrial processes, however the link between artificial ultraviolet radiation and cancer has not be totally proven in the medical world.

Because basal cell carcinoma looks to the layman as just an ordinary freckle, wart, or an ordinary mole or many other harmless skin conditions, it's often a real surprise to learn that you have basal cell carcinoma. Granted there are a number of symptoms that you might follow up on, such as skin sores that seem to bleed easily, some sores that basically never heal, a sore that has crusty spots on it or oozes, a sudden appearance of a scar like sore lacking an accompanying injury to account for it. Sometimes you may also have a sore with a sunken or depressed central area that should be looked at.

Experience will tell the doctor if there is a suspicion of possible basal cell carcinoma, but to be absolutely sure of that diagnosis, the doctor will take a small piece of skin from you and send it to a laboratory for analysis. Medically that is termed a biopsy

Once that doctor is aware of the overall health you have, and the exact location, depth and size of your skin cancer, cancer treatment will follow. The most common method of dealing with a basal cell carcinoma is to cut it out of your skin. You'll receive a numbing agent, and after it's removed you'll have it stitched up. Another method is to scrape away the cancer, and use electricity to kill any remaining cancer though a process called electrodesiccation. Today it is also very common to use cryosurgery. That particular method freezes those cancer cells to the point of killing them. Sometimes, there is even a skin cream that you might be given to kill off the cancer, provided it's not very deep cancer in your skin.

If your cancer is located on your nose, facial areas, or even your ears, they may take away skin very slowly until there are no more signs of cancer to be seen under a microscope, or at times doctors have also used special light to kill off cancer. This is referred to as photo dynamic therapy. If it turns out that surgery is not an option, then radiation may be introduced to fight off your basal cell carcinoma.

Thankfully, kids today are especially warned to not use tanning salons, tanning beds, and sun lamps, and they are being told to always use at least sunscreens that have a sun protection factor referred to as an SPF rating of at least 15. Whereas the previous generation was one of "sun worshipers" who never gave any thought to the harmful sun rays, at least today there is much more information available about it. For additional information on cancer treatments go to

Medical Record Keeping Personal Medical History Personal Medical Records

Knowing your family health history has its advantages and benefits. Medical record keeping is the best way to share information to doctors. Family history helps physicians provide the necessary treatment.

Physicians may offer a health wellness program to decrease risks. Having access to family information of a patient helps reduce risk factors. Health wellness programs are used especially for lifestyle changes.

Physicians are aware that lifestyles contribute too many illnesses and diseases. Lack of exercising and nutrients are reasons for high blood pressure. It can lead to strokes and heart attacks that can result in death.

When doctors have available your records they can offer wellness treatments. The purpose for requesting information is for preventive care. It helps the patients change lifestyles to live a healthier life.

Personal medical history is needed and should be shared with family members. Family members should know about serious illnesses, such as heart conditions. Sharing medical issues and medications benefits the patient.

The patient can avoid expensive emergency costs if information is provided. Medicine errors are the number one cause for allergic reactions. It can worsen a patient's sickness and have been known to cause death.

Your personal past of health care and previous conditions is helpful. Children, parents, and immediate relatives should be knowledgeable. Not all illnesses need to be disclosed; only serious and deadly diseases.

Documentations of personal history, illness, and wellness care are managed. Members of your family will be prepared if a medical emergency happens. If your information is needed, your diary can be provided to doctors.

Personal medical records can be viewed by different doctors and hospitals. Safe record keeping ensures medications are prescribed correctly. Avoid taking wrong medications that cause reactions and serious side effects.

Personal medical history holds all your emergencies and doctor's visits. There is a section to record all insurance data, such as policy number and carrier. This information is requested when visiting the doctor or hospital.

To have a comprehensive record, the Doctor and Personal Diary is needed. The doctor's record contains all scheduled appointments and visits. The information can include the time, location and doctor's info.

Your personal diary is needed to record all your medical history. Record your personal information, hospitalization and office visits. Your diary is a detailed history of healthcare and preventive wellness treatments.

An important advantage of a health diary is it saves and increases lives. Keeping a comprehensive wellbeing journal has several benefits. It reduces unnecessary medical expenses and incorrect diagnosis.

A History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used in China and other Eastern countries for over 20 centuries. It is generally believed to have derived in China and the first known account of acupuncture comes from an ancient Chinese text that dates back to around 300 BC. This text is called 'The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine' and is still an appropriate reference material for today's acupuncturists. This ancient Chinese text still provides much of the theoretical framework for traditional forms of acupuncture.

Today in China acupuncture is used extensively, alongside orthodox medicine, as a front line medical intervention in hospitals for a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Of course we are a long way behind China in this respect as serious study into acupuncture,in the West, has only begun in the last half century or so.

Over the last 40 years the number of traditionally trained qualified acupuncturists in the U.K. has steadily risen from a mere handful to over 2500. The traditional style of acupuncture is not normally currently available on the N.H.S. but is available at our East London Acupuncture Clinic where we practice acupuncture in Forest Gate. Today in China acupuncture is used extensively, alongside orthodox medicine, as a front line medical intervention in hospitals for a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Of course we are a long way behind China in this respect as serious study into acupuncture,in the West, has only begun in the last half century or so.

Most acupuncture available in the UK is Traditional Chinese Medicine style (TCM) but increasingly popular is medical acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture?

As its name implies acupuncture involves piercing of the skin. This is done with fine needles in order to treat the symptoms. Chinese traditionally believe that a person became ill if his vital energy (qi) became imbalanced or depleted. Qi pervades the universe and our own bodies flowing in a system of meridians beneath the skin (see diagram). To restore health it is important to keep the flow of qi even within these meridians. This is done as part of the acupuncture treatment by inserting the acupuncture needles into meridian line points of relative excess or deficiency.

Just as typically symptom control methods of treatment are also necessary and this can often be as simple as placing a needle in an area close to or related to that of the problem for example by placing a needle where there is pain in the back.

Acupressure Offered by Arlington Heights Health Center

Effective, Gentle and Natural

The ancient healing art of acupressure, which is offered by the Arlington Heights acupuncture office of Dr. Ian Wahl, is used to treat various conditions, including infertility, allergy symptoms and sensitivities and pain. Like acupuncture, this healing technique stimulates the body's ability to cure itself and become well again. Many people in the Arlington Heights area are discovering that acupressure offers them the opportunity to be healthy and happy once again.

Basics of Acupressure

After many years and numerous studies, acupuncture has been proven to relieve pain and discomfort and stimulate healing. Although this nontraditional technique has been in the forefront for a fairly long time, acupressure has recently come to prominence, especially when treating tension and pain are concerned.

Similar to acupuncture, acupressure treatments are focused on key areas of the body. Using their hands, fingers and feet to contact and gently press on specific points of the skin's surface, the practitioner helps promotes blood circulation,which aids in healing process. Although the acupuncture and acupressure processes target the same points on a body, acupressure does not use needles. Instead, it relies on the practitioner using gentle but firm pressure applied by his/her hands and also feet.

Getting Relief

The result is relief. Most often one associates acupressure with the lessening or complete negation of pain. It can aid tremendously in helping to reduce and eradicate chronic headaches, eyestrain and neck pain. It is also successful in treating sinus troubles, backaches and muscle aches. Relief of stress and stress-related symptoms are also greatly helped. Other ailments that respond to acupressure are arthritis, menstrual cramps, constipation, and indigestion. Thus, this completely natural technique can be used effectively in treating a wide range of health-related issues.

Applying Theory

Like acupuncture, acupressure looks at the body and health issues from a holistic viewpoint. That means that localized symptoms are seen as being part of a condition connected to the body as a whole. As an example, if you experience a migraine headache, the cause may be connected to allergy symptoms that are affecting other regions of your body.

Acupressure enables the natural healing process to begin as it relieves tension, pain and discomfort. One added plus with acupressure is that a patient may be taught to use self-help techniques at home. These include trigger point stimulation, relaxation techniques and range of motion exercises. Deep breathing may also be utilized. By taking the lead in their treatment, a patient can improve their situation and feeling of well being more quickly.

Acupressure Works

Acupressure, which is effective on numerous levels,has become a preferred pain treatment for many at the Arlington Heights acupuncture office of Dr. Wahl. Relaxing, natural and noninvasive, it provides relief for a range of health related issues. Additionally, this form of treatment stimulates the immune system while affording patients more energy and drive. It is one of the corner stones of natural, holistic medicine.

Pharma Marketing And Strategies in Pharma Marketing


Pharmaceutical promotion, sometimes known as medico-marketing, is the company of advertising or otherwise advertising the sale of medication or medication. Drug Marketing is the sole concentrate of Pharmaceutical Marketing Network - The Community for Drug Marketing Experts. Drug promotion is highly controlled by the FDA and the Department of Drug Marketing and Devices (DDMAC). Pharmaceutical promotion is extremely competitive and lacking in clear public networking limitations based on present regulating assistance.

Main idea:

Some healthcare and pharma organizations are doing great perform in the space, finding ways to connect doctors via secure public networking sites to enhance information discussing for example. In absence of specified public networking policy from the FDA, pharmaceutical organizations need to always perform with with their legal team along with promotion professionals (whether internal or external) with a strong understanding of public networking engagement to ensure that the soul of the laws are being followed despite a greyish area until official public networking assistance is released.

Traditional Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

The pharmaceutical organizations typically embrace four significant promotion techniques for advertising their products-

New Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies- Why Needed?

Pharmaceutical associates, also generally known as healthcare associates, are the significant pharma way of promotion medication directly to the doctors. Typically, the expense of this revenue staff of any pharmaceutical organization consists of anything ranging from 15-20% of yearly product earnings.

While most of the pharmaceutical organizations successfully employ a host of promotion techniques to focus on various types of customers, the present company and client styles are consistently creating new difficulties as well as opportunities for increasing productivity. If the pharmaceutical organizations want to enhance their Return-On-Investment (ROI), they have to look at new interaction technologies (digital media) along with their conventional revenue staff of healthcare associates.

The concept of smash hit medication is passing away out for big pharmaceutical organizations where 2-3 medication were excellent enough to pay back the whole financial commitment for a larger number of manufactured medication. Now the limited prospective for smash hit medication (thanks to low financial commitment on R&D and certain expiry) makes it essential to pay attention to more specific medication sold in reduced amounts. And when there is low volume items, revenue driven technique (with heavy price of revenue force) is not feasible.

As far as little pharma organizations are concerned, they already have little revenue staff. However, with the use of electronic press, having a reduced financial commitment price (both for the organization and its targeted customer) they can easily get revenue.

The Right Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy

The right way of any pharmaceutical organization would be to develop on proven strategic promotion concepts, along with a concentrate on changing client behavior. Use of electronic press through Online promotion plan is the best technique that can provide the basis for a changed company. However, there should be some planning for using electronic press for promotion too. It should be a multi route technique but should identify the potential audience. Every electronic press used for all people cannot be known as the right technique. The concentrate should be on the great value client section for pharmaceutical items.


To come up with a technique, it is also crucial to know the existing marketplaces as well as growing marketplaces of medication. It is the time for pharmaceutical organizations to develop their promotion techniques around this electronic press. Pharmaceutical promotion is very helpful in scientific field.

Diabetes Total Control – Only With Diet & Exercise

Diabetes is known as a silent killer. Diabetes gives no symptoms but its complications strike like a sledge hammer and only when it's too late. Diabetes is unfortunately not curable like common cold or other trivial diseases, which are rather painful and give a lot of discomfort to the patient forcing him or her to visit the doctor. But Diabetes can definitely be managed. Treatment of Diabetes is not as difficult as that of some disease like Cancer, or Major Surgical illnesses, but is usually within the reach of most the Diabetes patients. It is very important that persons suffering from Diabetes, understand what is Diabetes, then only they would understand the importance of Diet in Diabetes and Changes in Lifestyle.

Most Diabetes doctors in Delhi, including Dr Rajesh Kesari stress the importance of lifestyle management in treatment of Diabetes. Diabetologist in Delhi agree that one of the foremost reasons of Uncontrolled Diabetes is patient's non adherence to the prescribed diabetic diet. All Delhites are fond of food, which is usually fried and rich in calories, this is one of the important reasons of high prevalence of Diabetes in Delhi and North Indian States, our diabetes patients are also fond of this food and are unable to restrain themselves. Occassional deviation from Diabetic Diet may not be too harmful as long as it is compensated with cutting down on something else, e.g. if a Diabetic person has to attend a party and wishes to take a piece of cake or sweet, it would be advisable to cut down ?? a chapatti or ?? bowl of rice. Dr Rajesh Kesari- one of the leading Diabetologist in Delhi always includes Diet counseling as a part of all the Consultations and Education Programs he conducts with Diabetic patients. Quantity and Quality of food both play important role in Diabetic Diet. Moderation in quantity of the right ingredients would form the basis of a good diabetic diet. It is important to choose food items with llow glycemic index such as green leafy vegetables, foods rich in fibres, fruits, Oats, Whole grains, whole pulses. Even sweet fruits in moderate quantity may be consumed by Diabetics- the sweetness of fruits is mainly due to fructose which is much sweeter ( almost 1.5 times ) than Sucrose which is present in the table sugar, hence the calories are reduced but the fibre present in foods is added.

The other important factor which plays a tremendous role in Controlling Diabetes is the level of physical activity. Diabetics should try to be always physically active. Regular Exercise is an important part of Diabetes Treatment as suggested by Dr Rajesh Kesari Diabetologist in Delhi. Daily exercise increases the body's response to the Insulin being produced in the body itself, the same effect in produced by some medicines like Metformin and Pioglitazones - these are called Insulin Sensitizers. Diabetes doctors in Delhi also stress the need to exercise regularly- because it works like a medicine in treatment of Diabetes. The effect of exercise on Diabetes wanes of after a period of approx. 24 hours, just like those of medicines.

Environmentally Safe, Non-Poisonous Natural Drain Cleaner Solutions

Natural and environmental friendly drain cleaners are the choices of every person either to use it at homes or in offices. Many companies are offering their drain cleaning products which are 100% safe for children also for pets. These are all natural, green, drain opener that will unclog the drains of your bath tubs, toilets, sewages. If we talk about in earlier times then there were household items like usages of plungers, boiling water, baking sodas, vinegars, dishwashing soaps and many more items from home itself. These could be harmful as well as and could injure your family and pets too if we compare it with natural drain cleaner.

After using these drain cleaners you can get your drains unclog but only for short period of time and after sometime there will be problem again. There will be the procedure of putting things between warm water, baking sodas, vinegars, dishwashing soaps which will allow the mixture to foam. Once the foaming action will stop flush the toilet and if the clog has not cleared then you need to repeat it again.

But now the time has changed as people have many options with them to use different types of drain cleaners which are natural and non-poisonous. Now people want permanent solutions for these drainage problems which will be harmless and effective and because of this they have stopped using these household products which are poisonous and chemicals. The natural drain cleaning solutions will perfectly run drains without any hassle and long procedures.

You can use these drain cleaning solutions for-

Garbage disposals

Bath tubs


Kitchen sinks

Sewage pipes

You can use these products without any fear of damaging your plumbing. These natural drain cleaning products are safe, concentrated and bacterial for your home also for commercial use. Natural drain cleaner will be perfect for your hotels, motels, restaurants, apartments, condos, and your home! These products will be environmentally safe which can be used alone or in a combination for a wealth of household applications. Earlier people do not have these drain cleaning solutions which are less expensive, natural and highly effective but not you have options that is permanent as well as easy to use.

Few drain cleaning products will cost high but its long term health concerns for the family, kids and pets also for environmental pollution. These products will eliminate costly backups and build up in tanks and pipes. Your products will restore clogged drains and there will be no effect on inorganic materials such as plastic or metal piping also the surfaces where you are applying these solutions.

How Do You Get Kids To Run

I was training for the marathon in Houston, Texas. In mid-December, I was practising my Saturday 24 mile run. As I started along the bike path, I discovered them.

The little girl was about 12 years old. She was racing onwards of her parents, a big smile on her face. We crossed paths again on the other side (five miles up) and that little girl was still smiling.

Kids love to run. You can provide them the opportunity, and kids will run.

How Can You Get Kids Started?

Children are constantly running. The play games at school that involve running, like soccer and basketball. Since kids run at school, they don't have to warm up to running.

If the parents run; then, your children will run with you. You can take them to the park and the paths that you use. Kids want to be involved with what their parents are doing.

What About Fun Runs?

Fun Runs are a wonderful get-away from training. Most fun runs feature a separate run for the kids. The awards for the fastest runner cover the kids' age group.

Every fun run has something special. At the end of the race, you and the kids possibly could consume ice cream, cookies, cakes and other treats. There is all the time something good to eat.

A fun run is a wonderful way to encounter the other parents and their children. There is a lot to talk about, before and after the race. It's a great way to make running fun.

How Can You Keep Kids Excited About Running?

To keep your kids running, you could:

1. Run with your children, consistently. Whether it is a Saturday run or a before dinner race around the block, by doing it regular, your kids will stay excited about running.

2. Form a kids running group. When children run with their friends, it's much more interesting. Talking makes the run go faster.

3. Comprise of Special Running Days. It could be breakfast at someone's house or an evening pool party. By including fun events, your children will look forward to running.

By getting involved, you will step-up your kid's interest in running. You can even have a new running partner.

How Can You Work With Your Kids?

It can be the point in time for that Saturday run; but, it's raining or cold, it can be the point in time for a rain-check. It's no fun to run in bad weather, even if Mom and Dad do it. It's a good day to play games and watch television.

Keep your runs, brief. Children have short attention spans. A long winded run will not keep kids focused and might be too much for them.

Make an effort not to overdo it with them. Too much running could cause a knee injury. Take it slow, and limit your races to 5-K events.

What Else Can You Do?

Just remember, as a parent, your children look up to you. Have them do, what you might exercise. Talk with your children, why you run and how you got started. Kids want to know, too.

You Can Get Your Kids to Run, Too!

Just like that little smiling girl, you can get your children running, too! Take them to a fun run and train together. By generating running fun, your kids will continue to run.

Good luck!

Can Medical Tourism India Compete With Others?

Today is the age of synthesis where one can produce anything artificially. Getting something in its pure form is getting tougher day by day. People settle for synthesised things as they get what they want and at an affordable price. One big issue which can be closely related to synthesis is adulteration. With an increase in adulteration, there is an increase in health problems as well. Every 3 in 5 people have some or the other illness, either a minute health problem or a bigger chronic disease. People often get their medical check-up done locally and get treated for the same but sometimes it happens that the cure for some illness is better found somewhere else and thus people travel to get treated for the illness. Medical tourism Indiais when people from all around the globe travel to get their health problems treated. Usually people travel because they feel that the scope for getting the cure is greater at certain places. This is because they feel that there would be greater knowledge and experience to doctors abroad rather than the local doctors.

Healthcare is something that has become very expensive. Even a slightest pain, if not taken seriously can prove to be fatal. Health is something that no one would ever want to compromise with as without good health, there is no essence of life. When travelling abroad for treatment, it becomes a difficult task to know about what would be the right place and who would be the right person to approach to, because in a new place everything seems to be confusing. There are so many options available which provide so many other facilities but choosing the right one can only be done with genuine information about all the options, either by the local people or by the previous patients. Popularity of a place amongst people also matters. If one is spending a huge sum of money for a cure, it is expected that all the services provided will be according to what the patient wants and expects.

While people travel to get a medical treatment, they not only just concentrate on the medical aspect of it, but they also make plans to enjoy their stay over there. This can be called a Medical Vacation in which people take a break and move to a different place to de-stress from their regular routine pressure so that after the break is over, they would be rejuvenated and fully charged up to work. Medical tourism Indiais a very good choice for people different places have rich heritage of their own which makes it perfect to plan for a vacation. A combination of all healthcare benefits and a place good for a vacation is ideal for medical tourism.

Getting information about which place would offer a perfect solution to the problem is not easy. Thus, Forerunner Healthcare Consultants makes this task easy by stating all details that would be essential for anyone to decide whether it would be feasible for them to make the move or not.