Health Juices from 3 Amazing Exotic Fruits

In today's world when reaching the age of 80 is a blessing, many people turn into natural ways to cure and fight deadly diseases. One of these diseases is the infamous "cancer", and the most popular way to fight cancer as they say is to eat and drink juices from fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. Do you know that there are three Berries which are rich in antioxidants that are slowly gaining popularity worldwide?

One of which is Acai Berry, most commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. Aside from its high in antioxidant benefit, it is also known to boost energy levels, improve mental clarity, gives a "good night" sleep, weight loss, healthier skin, lower cholesterol and speed up ones' healing process. All of these benefits are possible due to its antioxidant property, but also because Acai is simply promotes improved blood circulation. And when your blood is circulating your body as it should be, healthier skin, slowing down of aging and lower cholesterol are few benefits you may achieve.

Another type is Noni, also known as Great Morinda. It is native to Southeast Asia and Australia. Noni is known for its antioxidant property but also, it is very popular as analgesic, which gives it a name "Tree for Headaches". Same as Acai, Noni is beneficial to be used as Anti-depressant, Skincare & Hair improver, Anti-Cancer / Anti-tumor due to the Phytochemicals in it. It is also popular to lower down cholesterol, Improves memory, improve constipation and of course it is antibacterial and antiviral that fights diseases.

Last berry is the Goji Berry, also known as Wolfberry, commonly found in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. Also popular of its antioxidant property, it known to have lots of amino acids, a good source of protein, and rich in vitamin C, Iron and just like the two other berries, it is a good anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal berry.

Maintaining healthy body is very important. So when looking for alternatives in getting your daily dose of antioxidants, always remembers that there are Berries which are "Berry" Good for you.

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