Know about Kratom Species

Kratom is an herbal product; therefore, there are several different varieties with noticeable variations in the concentrations of active ingredients. Kratom is growing not only in Thailand, but also in neighboring countries of Southeast Asia.

As with other species, it is common to breed new and more potent varieties of Kratom. For example, was the potent variety “Maeng Da Thai Pimps “. The “pimps” stands for “munched”. This is a very potent variety, which is very popular for this reason. Even a relatively small dose can cause significant psychological effects.

Furthermore the varieties are marked with names such as “Bali”, “Thai” or “Maeng Da”. It does not necessarily have something to do with the country of origin; “Thai” is no longer cultivated in Thailand, for example.

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Not only does the effect vary depending on the variety, but also side effects and the dose depends on the choice of the leaf. It is advisable to buy different varieties to find the right one for you. Now a day, Kratom is becoming the high demanding herb for the consumers, as some of them use it like medicine also. This herbal product having fewer side effects is a real investment for profit maximization.

Classification according to the leaf color

In addition to the classification of varieties according to their origin, there is yet another: The leaf vein color. In the case of the kratom, the leaf color predicts an amount of the active ingredient concentration. Thus the sheets are white with vein for example, as more activating.

In general, three different types of leaves are distinguished:

Red Vein Sumatra (Red wire)

Green Vein (green wire)

White Vein (White Vein)

The color of the vein allows conclusions to be drawn about the composition of the active ingredients and thus on the effect. This is a possibility of categorizing kratom species.

In general, the color of the leaf vein is the indicated, so it can be estimated approximately how each variety acts.

Which types of Kratom are available? We provide all category Kratom Wholesale for our clients..

Red Vein    -Kratom with red leaf veins and sedative character

# Borneo Red

# Bali Red (Bali kratom capsules)

Green Vein -Kratom with green leaf veins and balanced character

#Borneo Green

#Malay Green

#Bali Green

White Vein – Kratom with white leaf veins and activating character

Borneo White

Sumatra White

Bali White

Potted varieties

Maeng Da Thai Pimps