Reasons to acquire Legal Steroids

“Legal Steroids” may appear like a bit of a conundrum; after all, is there truly such a thing as legal steroids? In the US, anabolic androgenic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances by method of the Controlled Substances Acts of 1990, and 2004. By these Acts, it is illicit to manufacture, sell or possess anabolic steroids in the United States unless manufacturing is prepared by a licensed pharmacy; then legal steroid is suggested by a doctor for medical purposes and influenced by the individual based on the remedy given for such a medical purpose. In the United States, performance improvement is not considered a viable medical purpose, and prescriptions granted for this purpose are against the law.

Reasons to Acquire Legal Steroids:

It is recognized to obtain legal steroids you need a medicament and the prescription must be based on medical need. The common reasons for such a prescription being approved usually surround testosterone and androgen shortages; most notably low testosterone and Andropause. These are very common situations of many men; in-fact, millions of men international suffer from low testosterone and Andropause; in the U.S. alone over 15-million men undergo from low testosterone, and that is atremendously conservative estimate as they are the only ones we know of.

Legal steroids can also be acquired by women who suffer from low testosterone and other hormonal lacking conditions. Commonly many women who are grief from menopause receive some form of anabolic steroidal treatment. While both men and women who suffer from scarce hormone levels may qualify for legal steroids, many people who undergo from muscle wasting diseases are often suggested steroids, as well as critical burn victims. This increases an argument made by; anabolic steroids are unlawful to use for performance because they’ll kill you but legal then because they’ll improve your life; if that’s not a mystery nothing is.

An additional reason one might buy legal steroids is a wish to be part of the transgender community. If a woman wishes to be a man, she can legally acquire testosterone and other androgenic based anabolic steroids to encounter her desired goal. For many, this is an additional example that makes very little sense as it is problematic to say this is a direct medical necessity. True, one who desires to be part of the transgender community has a craving and by this desire, in the name of liberty such persons are granted the means to achieve this end. Though, if performance is a desire, if you simply wish to better your physique while continuing the gender you already possess the same liberty to achieve your desire is not specified to you. Again, an argument can be made that believes this unfair; simply stating the situation expresses for itself but as it stands today this is the law.