How to properly take care of your body when you are pregnant?

After delivery it is must to take care of your body. As when a woman gives birth to a child she is as sensitive as her baby. There is no difference between a mother and a baby when she delivers her baby. And womens do think that after giving birth to a baby their all time is focused on caring their baby. But if you only focus on your babies’ health and not yours, your baby will be equally affected.

How important it is to take perfect care of your body after delivery

Your child wants you to be as fit as you can be as it is a post pregnancy tip in Hindi. As when you are in the hospital it is difficult to sleep much. When a woman delivers a baby the first few weeks are very important for her. She needs to take proper rest and diet, because if you will not take care of your health it will automatically affect your baby. As being a mother you need to feed your baby and if you don’t take proper diet, you will feel weak.

Some tips to take care of your body

  • You should rest whenever you can. Because delivering a baby is not easy it takes all your power and strength. Sleep whenever your baby is sleeping and make sure visitors visit less because it may cause disturbance in resting.
  • After delivery try not to lift heavy things. Because after delivery a women does not have enough stamina and is weak. And if you have had cesarean section, you need to look more after your health. Try not to do heavy work at least for a month.
  • Keep yourself clean. Wash your hands at regular intervals, especially after each visit to washroom and after changing the diaper and also before feeding your baby. Because if you are clean, your baby will also remain clean.
  • Don’t give your baby daily bath because it may cause your baby lead to sickness. Just wipe the hands and face with a wet tissue. Try keeping your babies care simple with baby products. But make sure that they don’t affect your babies’ skin because your baby is too sensitive.

These above mentioned are some of the tips you should follow after a delivery. You can also do exercises to keep your body fit and healthy.  As you may read many post pregnancy magazine after delivering a baby.

Weight loss or gain after delivery

Well after delivering a baby, a woman faces an increase in their body weight especially when baby is delivered through cesarean section. And also you may see stretch marks around your belly and size of your belly being increased. And to maintain your weight again you may do exercises but not sudden after delivery. Just take rest for one month and when you feel like, that you can do some physical activities, start with doing exercises. But make sure you consult your medical physician before starting any fitness program, because it is must to know that your body is liable to do any kind of physical work or not. It is one of the post pregnancy tips in Hindi to maintain your body well after delivering a baby.

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