Lung Cancer Treatment Cost In India

How a body functions

Any cell can either be cancerous or non cancerous. In our body cell formation is a continuous process. Cells grow up within the body and form tissues, tissues form organs and all organs grouped together form the human body. Cells divide themselves as per the need of the body. This is a continuous and natural process by which the body functions. Cancer appears when this order is disturbed. Therefore any unusual symptom must be immediately reported to the doctor.

Symptoms and causes of Lung cancer

Although symptoms are totally subjective and patients with lung cancer often notice no obvious symptom at all.  But common symptoms may include, stubborn cough, shortness of breath, coughing blood, chest pain etc, sudden weight loss etc. Most common cause of lung cancer is smoking, but passive smokers may also develop lung cancer.  It is said that cancer is caused when the cells, lining the lungs get damaged. They get mostly damaged by carcinogens present in cigarettes. The entire treatment of cancer depends a lot on the patient’s health or mental condition. The stronger a person is mentally, the more positively he or she responds to the treatment. Chemotheraphy is the most common treatment used for treating lung cancer, even after surgery, to eliminate any cell that may still be left there after surgery.

Treatment and Cure

Lung cancer is curable to some extent when detected in the first stage, but doctors do not assure its total elimination. Often people survive on the condition of being continuously subject to chemotherapy to survive, which is actually very depressing and painful. Lung cancer treatment cost in India is really on the higher side and very difficult to afford for middle class people, who form the majority in India. Most of the families where a family member is detected with lung cancer see doomsday day approaching them. Cancer is usually detected in patients with age more than 40. Unfortunately for lung cancer; the disease gets detected only when it has reached advanced stage. Genes do play an active role in development of any type of cancer, especially for people having history of cancer. Lung cancer once developed, does not stay limited to only lungs but spreads to its nearby areas.

Lung Cancer and Our Nation

Lung cancer is considered the deadliest among all forms of cancer as majority of people actually die of it. People mostly youngsters are increasingly developing the habit of smoking, out of peer influence. Smoking while still young or teenagers, gives them a sense of pride, which leads them to continue with the activity.  Smoking is an addiction and once addicted, it’s very hard to quit. Teenagers actually go through a lot of hormonal changes, which can lead to stress and often disagreements with their parents. This can also initiate smoking among them, tendency of which increases day by day. Another group of smokers apart from students are the office goers. They too suffer from stress of daily lives, and also again smoking instills in them a sense of belongingness to a particular peer group. People feel it a necessity therefore to associate themselves with a particular group and the group activities, owing to corporate politics. Peer pressure has now become the ladder to climb in one’s career. All these factors are collectively responsible for lungs cancer which is affecting our nation and its people so badly.

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