Which Bathing Methods Affect The Health of Women

Everyone will take a bath, but in some cases, a bath will be hazardous to health. For a female, she is not suitable for cold baths, because cold baths will give women a lot of trouble. Of course, you should not bath after drinking or eating full. In the following, let us have a specific look at.

First, a cold bath is harmful to women's health. The gynecologist said that when woman takes a cold bath, the water temperature is too low, the body will feel cold, so produces a series of stress reactions, such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, muscle contraction, nervous, not only fail to eliminate fatigue, but also easy to cause a cold, so cold baths should be avoided.

Women because of their special physiological reasons, especially during menstruation, lactation, or during pregnancy, the stimulation of cold water will cause the female endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and many bacteria will enter into the vagina causing vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. If it is serious, it will have has a certain impact for women's later pregnancy, and physical health. In addition, for those women with poor physical constitution, they cannot take a bath with cold water, otherwise they would have less resistance, due to cold stimulation, and it will lead to a cold, fever and other diseases. However, long-term adherence to wash your face with cold water, it can promote blood circulation and prevent colds, rhinitis, also make the skin become more shiny and more flexible.

Second, when you have hypotension, you should not take a bath. Because when the bathing water temperature is too high, it can make people vasodilator, and the people with hypotension are prone to cerebral insufficiency blood and have the occurrence of collapse. Third, you cannot take a bath after drinking. Alcohol can inhibit the activity of liver function to hinder the release of glycogen. When you take a bath, at this time, the body's glucose consumption will increase. And bathing after drinking, blood sugar cannot get replenishment, it is prone to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness, and even may appear hypoglycemia coma.

Fourth, you should not take a bath after a meal. Take a bath after a meal, the body skin surface blood vessels is stimulated by hot water and expansion, the more blood flow to the surface, the reduction of abdominal blood supply to the relative will affect digestion and absorption, causing low blood sugar, or even collapse.

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